8 Viewing Math at Vismor.com

Mathematical content on this site is published using presentation MathML. If you are browsing this site with a recent version of any major browser, you should have a pretty good math viewing experience. We use MathJax to render mathematical expressions. MathJax allows browsers with native MathML support (i.e. Firefox) to process the MathML internally, which increases the rendering speed. Otherwise, it uses javascript to render mathematical content.

MathJax provides its own web font for math rendering, so no font installations are required on the browsing device. If you have the STIX fonts installed locally, MathJax will use them. This will speed up math rendering somewhat, since the web fonts don’t have to download. If you are using Firefox, several other math fonts (including Cambria) are recognized by this site and are used if they are locally available.

A note concerning Internet Explorer 6. As is indicated on our home page, we haven’t used IE6 for many years, we don’t target the IE6 platform, and can’t, in general, vouch for this site’s rendering on that platform. However, MathJax does render mathematical expressions under IE6. Recent, cursory tests indicate a satisfactory browsing experience with Internet Explorer 6.

If you are constrained from using one of the many functional viewing options by your organization’s IT policies, or you have philosophical objections to javascript, sorry. When all else fails, this site’s document download  area contains paginated, typeset PDF versions of all the articles housed in our Documents  section.