Privacy Statement

We provide this web site for our own purposes. We have no real interest in who views these pages. We obtain no financial return from this site. As such, we have no motivation to invade your privacy. In fact, we have a strong philosophical disagreement with the pervasive advertising-based funding model of the internet. Hence, we don’t utilize tracking beacons, analytics services, or any of the other privacy encroaching infrastructure so common in the commercial space.

To be clear, we do not save any record of your vistits to this site nor do we sell any record to others.

If this policy changes in the future, we will inform you on this page.

After this strong statement, we are obiliged to mention, that maps driven by the Google Maps API are found on two pages of this site (the Fox Chapel landmark map and latitude/longitude look up ). We don’t know what information they collect when you navigate the maps, but it is Google after all, so we suspect they gather some data. If this is a proplem for you, avoid these pages.

Also, this site currently uses an encrypted session cookie for login purposes. This cookie is as the name implies a short term asset. It should disappear when you close your browser.