Geographic Search Help

This facility finds locations based on a geographical query that you enter into the location search bar. When the desired location is found, the map is centered on the point of interest and a marker is placed at the location. You can also change the map location manually by using the zoom controls and by dragging the map’s contents until the point of interest comes into view.

Marking a location. Clicking any visible point on the map will drop a maker at that location. You can then click the marker and a small widow will open showing the point’s coordinates and address (if it can be determined). This information is also displayed in a text area beneath the map. The second display has the advantage that its data can be copied and pasted in the normal manner. The text in the ballon window can’t be selected and copied.

Clearing a marker. If you want to remove a marker from the map, right click on it.

Search expressions. If you’re looking for a specific location, you’ll have the best chances of finding it by formatting your search like this:

Address, city, state or Address, city, ZIP

For example, to center the map on Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, enter the following text into the search bar:

600 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA or
600 Penn Ave, 15222

If you don’t know a specific address and just want to browse a region, you can center the city or city, state or city, country then manually navigate around the area, e.g.:

London, UK or Teeterboro

You can search for some locations using latitude and longitude coordinates. Format your search like this:

latitude, longitude

If you magically know its coordinates, you can center the map on Heinz Hall by entering the following text into the search bar:

40.4427244, –80.0021866

Hint. The map display and search engine are provided by Google Maps. If you can find locations and navigate with Google Maps, you should be able to navigate this site. For detailed help on this topic, see the native help at Google’s site.