Download Search Help

The file search facility looks for files located in the public download area of It searches for files by name. It does not examine the text contained in the files—only their names. To state the obvious, a file’s name is the identifier that appears on the screen as you navigate through the download area.

The syntax of a file search is quite simple. Any file whose name contains the full search string is considered a match. For example, the search string doc would match files named:

Endoctrination procedures.png

The entire search phrase must be contained in the file name. The search is not case sensitive.

Note: As mentioned above, the file name search engine does not look at the contents of files. Use the “Search” button found in the navigation bar or the text search facilities to look for information contained in files. Currently, the contents of plain text files, PDF files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations found in the download area are indexed for full text search.