3.1 Observations Concerning MathPlayer

Output produced by MathPlayer improved significantly with release 2.2 of the software (February 2010). This is particularly true with regard to font support and anti-aliased rendering. Recent MathPlayer releases can use the Cambria Math fonts (native to modern versions of Windows) and the STIX mathematical fonts. MathPlayer also provides its own “Euclid” fonts for rendering mathematics on Windows installations where other (read that better) fonts are unavailable. The Euclid fonts by MathPlayer are not of the same quality as the aforementioned fonts.

If you want decent math rendering via MathPlayer:

  • Make sure version MathPlayer 2.2+ is installed on your system, and

  • Make sure either the Cambria Math font or the STIX fonts are installed on your system.

For more information, see the discussion of math fonts in Section 7 of this document.

MathPlayer 2.2 is incompatible with recent versions of Internet Explorer (IE9 and IE10). On 01 December 2011, Design Sciences issued a “preview” release of MathPlayer 3.0 – which is billed as IE9 compatible. The “preview” release does not make any claims concerningIE10 or Windows 8 compatibility. We have not had much luck with this plug-in for IE9under Windows 7 or IE10 under Windows 8. It could be our problem, or it could be theirs. Nevertheless, there has not been any recent public activity concerning this product.