4 Concluding Remarks

This document was originally intended as internal documentation of the implementation of a Linux mail server on a small research network. The environment was constantly changing since the machine was following the Redhat/Fedora “Rawhide” distribution. Hence, formal documentation was important in keeping the mail server configuration steady in a constantly shifting environment. However, we have since outsourced our mail services to an external vendor, obviating the need for this document.

This is a long way of saying that the final two sections of this document will probably never be written. The original plan was to describe the implementation of the other two pieces of a mail solution: fighting spam and fighting malware (proving once again that if you stall long enough, most tasks become irrelevant).

In particular, the following tasks are incomplete:

  • Documenting the details of SpamAssassin integration, including interconnection with external spam filters, and

  • Documenting the details of ClamAV integration.

No internet facing mail service is complete (or practical) without these features.

Obviously, this documentation will remain “stuck in time” (during the FC4 timeframe) unless we start maintaining our own mail server again or decide to set up a local mail server for experimental purposes. Also, many Redhat-related links have become stale as the Fedora Project and its infrastructure have evolved over time.